2023 Open Enrollment

April 10-14, 2023

Why Open Enrollment Matters

  • It’s an opportunity to review what benefits you have and verify you and the right family members are covered.
  • It’s also a reminder to update personal information: name, address, phone number, dependents, beneficiaries, etc.
  • Outside of open enrollment you can ONLY make changes if you have a qualifying event (such as marriage, divorce, birth or adoption of a child, or loss of other coverage).
  • Any coverage cancelled at this year’s open enrollment cannot be added back until next year’s open enrollment

Onsite Face-to-Face Enrollment

Benefits Representatives from Mark III will be scheduled for appointments at each location to meet with you to review your benefits and assist you with any changes you need to make.

Schedule an Appointment Below!

Old Comm Building


10 N. King Street

Halifax, NC 27839


8am – 5pm

AG Center


359 Ferrell Lane

Halifax, NC 27839


8am – 5pm


4421 US 301

Halifax, NC 27839

4/10, 4/13, & 4/14

7:30am – 5pm

Heath Dept


19 N. Dobbs Street

Halifax, NC 27839


8am – 4:30pm

Changes made during this enrollment period will take effect July 1.

REMEMBER: The Annual Enrollment Period is the only time you are able to make changes to your benefits. Changes outside of this timeframe are only permitted if you experience a Qualified Event outlined by the IRS. If you should experience a Qualified Event, you have 30 days from the Event Date to make a change to your benefits.