2020 New Hire Enrollment

Out of concern for our clients, their employees, and our workforce, we will not be able to conduct in-person enrollment at your worksite. We have the following open enrollment options available to you!

Call Center Enrollment

August 11-12, 2020

Choose an appointment slot and a licensed benefits counselor will be able to assist with elections or changes to your benefits.

The Annual Enrollment Period for Watauga County Schools employees will typically take place in March. During this time, Benefit Representatives from Mark III will be scheduled for appointments at each location to meet with you to review your benefits and assist you with any changes you need to make. Check with your Secretary/Receptionist for the date a representative will be at your location.

Changes made during this enrollment period will take effective July 1.

REMEMBER: The Annual Enrollment Period is the only time you are able to make changes to your benefits. Changes outside of this timeframe are only permitted if you experience a Qualified Event outlined by the IRS. If you should experience a Qualified Event, you have 31 days from the Event Date to make a change to your benefits.



All information contained in this website is a brief description of your coverage and is not a contract. Please read your certificate booklet for each product for the exact terms and conditions.