Annual Open Enrollment

Check this page during open enrollment for details on how to enroll.

Open enrollment is a great opportunity to explore and take advantage of the benefits that your employer offers. Without reviewing and making changes during open enrollment, you may miss out on important benefits or end up with coverage that does not fully meet your needs. Review your options below on how you can enroll at open enrollment.

New Hire Enrollment Information

As a newly hired employee, enrolling in benefits is a crucial step to ensure your well-being and security. View how to enroll as a new hire by clicking How to Enroll.

**You have 30 days after your hire date to enroll. Failure to do so will delay enrollment until the next annual open enrollment.**

How to Enroll

You have the option to enroll in your benefits through the dedicated call center. Dial the number below to contact an employee benefits counselor who will get you enrolled.

Counselors available M-F 8:00 am – 5:00 pm

Call: +1 833-888-8130

Learn More: Find plan documents and online resources on the Policy Information Page and locate forms for claims and policy changes on the Forms Page.

REMEMBER: The Annual Enrollment Period is the only time you are able to make changes to your benefits. Changes outside of this timeframe are only permitted if you experience a Qualified Event outlined by the IRS. If you should experience a Qualified Event, you have 30 days from the Event Date to make a change to your benefits.